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    Mimo Studio is a UAE-based company, launched in 2015, that distributes quality Korean and Japanese skin care and make up to the Middle East. Korea and Japan have one of the fastest growing beauty industries nowadays and names of these countries are associated with high-quality, innovative, and impactful products. Mimo Studio is the first established cosmetic company in UAE that specializes in importing and distributing Korean and Japanese cosmetics in the region.

  • WHY

    It’s trending! The phenomena of “K-pop” has helped for popularizing the Korean culture and statistics show an increasing demand and high re-purchasing rate of Korean beauty products globally. The influence in the Middle East is perceivable. There are many Korean restaurants, marts, and cultural events like concerts, food fairs, exhibitions, etc.
    Furthermore, the renowned precision in Japanese and Korean engineering and attention to detail surely applies also to cosmetics. The products are produced within a highly competitive market, and therefore a higher standard of excellence is being held.

  • MISSON /

    The name of the company is inspired from the Korean word for “beauty” – “mimo”. We believe that beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always brings beauty. It is important for us to establish a strong long term relationship with our customers, that we call “Happy Mimos”. This is why we treat them with respect and faith, and provide them exceptional customer experience that exceeds their expectations.